News; Loudlink Bluetooth LITE product line

Published: Saturday 18 March, 2017

Dear Visitors!

Loudlink Bluetooth LITE product line launched!

Loudlink Bluetooth Lite adapters

With BLUELITE adapters you can play your favorite songs, youtube, online radio, apple music, spotify, deezer, pandora, etc. tracks from iPhones, iPads, or any Android, Windows smartphones, tablets through Bluetooth connection.

Loudlink BLUELITE adapters designed for maximum audio quality performance. Thanks to full digital path to high-end DAC, combined with special Bluetooth technologies, the sound is crystal clear, delivers CD-like Quality audio wirelessly over Bluetooth.

Also possible to use as Hands-free. Call last dialed number, answer / reject / hangup incoming calls, activate voice recognition functions.

All the aboves controlled by factory fitted radio / steering wheel buttons.

Loudlink BLUELITE adapters still plug and play products, as other Loudlink ICE adapters!

Kindest Regards,
Loudlink Team