About Us

"Innovation is our passion"

Loudlink is a trademark of Füzesi Arnold EV. - the Hungary based developer and manufacturer of Loudlink Solid State Disc Changer and Bluetooth Car Kit solutions.

Our products are developed to exploit the market gap in the in-car-entertainment segment. We wanted to replace the conventional CD Changer products to a state-of-the-art SSD Changer and Bluetooth Car Kit in today's cars. With Loudlink it is possible to fit premium brand audio system into your vehicle without losing the comfort of your original head unit, steering wheel remote control, integrated display, etc.

Loudlink brand was founded in 2007.

We're continuously developing SSD Changers and Bluetooth Car Kits for the type of cars that doesn't have a wide range of upgraded audio system option.

Innovation is our passion...

We're a developer partner of Bluetooth and RFID based Cerberos Car Security System.
Iotroniq Smart home solutions, Wifi Gate and Garage door openers.