LLK-266 firmware V1.4.0

Firmware version 1.4.0 for Loudlink LLK-266S and LLK-266X models.
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What's the new in the firmware version 1.4.0?

Subfolder capabilites, from now Loudlink can handle cca. 10000 Songs.
(98 Albums x 98 Track)
Simply copy Albums to the SD card!
CD1 - select Album
CD2 - CD5 select Mp3s within selected Album
CD6 - select AUX

What's the new in the firmware version 1.3.0?

Track repeated start at Next Track / Previous Track button - bugfix
Faster Disk / Track change

What's the new in the firmware version 1.2.0?

Chosen Disc in Loudlink Explorer will work with AUX-in

What's the new in the firmware version 1.1.1?

SD card remove activate AUX-in (Coming soon version of Loudlink Explorer will enhance AUX-in control)

cd1..cd6 folders names renamed to cd01..cd06 for Loudlink Explorer compatibility from version
LED behaviour changed to:
Loudlink is stopped: RED...
Loudlink is playing: RED/GREEN fast toggling...
Loudlink is waiting for SD card: Flash RED for a moment, otherwise GREEN with 1 second cycle time...
Loudlink is updating firmware: Toggling RED/GREEN slowly, after faster for about 20 seconds...
Loudlink is off: LED is blank...

You have to unpack the downloaded firmware then copy the new firmware file to the root of the SD card!

Firmware upgrade process works only SD card smaller or equal than 2Gbyte!

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